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I'm afraid that's all gone.

Most people think they're backing up their data correctly. Unfortunately they're not. Let us help you find out the truth about your backup. Read More

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Learn how to make sure your company's data is safe from loss, corruption, hardware failure, viruses and human error. Read More

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A quick introduction

When it comes to protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you could be up and running again quickly after a power failure, server crash, virus infection, cyber-attack or other data-erasing event.

Network Partners are experts in securing, protecting and maintaining computer networks to ensure that your system stays up, no matter what happens.

Have you ever considered how your business could recover from a serious incident such as a flood or fire? We have. It's what we do. What's more - when an event happens, we'll be there to help your business survive.

What do we do?

  • failed backup tapes
    Backup Assessments
    If you’re not sure whether or not your current backup and recovery processes are up to par, we’d like to give you a Free Data Backup & Recovery Assessment as a way of introducing our services to you....
  • business continuity in Waterloo Ontario
    Business Continuity Solutions
    How long can you afford to be without your computer systems and data? How long will your customers wait for a response to their enquiries while you try to recover lost data from a system crash or human error?...
  • IT Consulting in Waterloo Ontario
    IT Consulting
    The days of installing a simple backup device on a company server are long gone. In today’s complex network environments you need to take a holistic approach to data protection, sometimes even rethinking the way data is stored, the way that servers are configured or how internal processes are performed....


  • When we needed a company to help support our clients I had no hesitation in working with Network Partners. I totally trust that my own reputation is in safe hands and that my customers are being cared for completely....
    Chris Picknell, CEO, Epic Net
  • We love Network Partners’ backup solution and the fast recovery. In a recent test our main application server was brought back online from a complete failure in just seven minutes. It was very impressive!...
    Wendy Watson, VP Operations, The Precept Group
  • Computer downtime in our business is simply not an option. With Richard from Network Partners looking after our systems I have complete confidence that our data, processes, and critical business systems are secure and available at all times....
    Dr. Bob Webb, Risk Manager, Ag Energy Co-operative