About Us

A message from Richard Mash, President of Network Partners

I’ve been in the computer industry for over 25 years in a number of roles; as a service engineer, a systems analyst, an IT manager, a Chief Technology Officer and as an independent consultant.

I’ve worked for large enterprises like The Bank of Canada, Virgin Airlines, Daewoo Cars, Brita and GM, and also for small and medium-sized businesses and co-operatives.

Twenty-five years ago I had a simple phrase I used a lot: “I can fix everything on your network… except your data. If you lose that, then I can’t help you.”

The same facts hold true today. As a business owner, director or employee you must take steps to protect the lifeblood of your business, which is the information held on your company PCs, laptops and servers.

Unfortunately, I’m still meeting people every day who are not protecting their systems correctly.

In the last few years, business continuity solutions have become more affordable, and now my company specializes in helping businesses implement the correct backup and recovery systems. I started this company because there is still too much misinformation and ignorance about what to protect in a computer network and how to do it.

I feel good about what our company achieves for businesses. I always give the best advice possible, even if that advice is hard to hear. Unless I’m 100% comfortable with a solution, I won’t suggest that others use it. That’s how I can sleep at night; knowing that my clients’ data is safe and secure and that in the event of an incident – no matter how severe – we can help them recover their data and critical services and get their business up and running quickly.